13 Luxurious Stone Accent Wall Design Ideas

February 22, 2023
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If you’re looking for unique and luxurious ways to update the look of your home, stone accent walls offer a wow factor that few materials can match. From rustic farmhouse to modern industrial design styles, there are countless stone accents and accessories that can help you create a stunning and eye-catching statement piece in your home.

Having worked with hundreds of such installations, our design experts at Creative Mines compiled some luxury stone accent wall design ideas to help inspire your next project.

13 Luxury Stone Accent Wall Designs to Inspire Your Next Project

Stone accent walls are an excellent way to add a touch of luxury to your home without changing your entire interior design aesthetic. On the other hand, it’s also a great way to create a central statement piece on which to base your whole design. It’s this versatility that makes stone veneer an excellent option for design.

Ultimately, how you use luxury stone in your home is up to you, but if you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Here are 13 luxurious stone accent wall designs from Creative Mines’ Craft® collection to help get those creative juices flowing:

1. Updated Dining Room

A dining room featuring an interior stone veneer accent wall with a dining room table, a bench and four gray chairs.

This dining room has been completely remodeled to showcase a gorgeous stone accent wall made from a contemporary stone veneer. The result is a cozy, warm dining room atmosphere where any guest would feel comfortable and welcome.

2. Beautiful Living Room

Large living room with stone veneer accent wall, sectional couch, large chandelier and an open wall looking out to a city beyond.
Creative Mines - Craft Foothill Rubble

If you’re going to create an accent wall in your home, why not choose one of the most visited rooms in the house? This stone living room accent wall showcases the texture and color of the wall without pulling so much focus that you can’t relax. It’s the ideal mix!

3. Warm and Inviting Entryway

This entryway features a stone veneer accent wall. There is a painting mounted to the wall above a wooden storage cabinet.
Creative Mines Image Database - Craft Split Modular

When most people think of entryways, they think of light colors and warm-hued woodgrain, but stone veneer can work just as well! For instance, in this design, the cream-colored stone wall is the perfect addition to an otherwise pleasant and welcoming space.

4. Gorgeous Staircase

This wood and black iron modern staircase is paired with a stone veneer accent wall.
Creative Mines Image Database - Craft Split Modular

Stone accent walls are also the perfect accessory to the modern staircase. It gives the space a sense of structure and creates style in an area typically challenging to design.

5. Modern Entertainment

Living room with white and off-white brick veneer accent wall and brightly colored furniture, hanging art and decorations.
Creative Mines Image Database - Craft Paintgrade Block™

We already saw a beautiful stone accent wall in a living room, but there are multiple ways to design a wall. Using luxury stone to create a backdrop for your entertainment section might be the perfect way to elevate your living room design.

Additional Ways to Integrate Stone Accent Walls

You can also use stone to enhance architectural focal points like luxury fireplaces, backsplashes and even exterior walls. Here are some bonus ideas to inspire your next home renovation.


If you’re looking for a luxury stone look in your home, why not create a breathtaking accent wall around your fireplace? Here are several fireplace designs to inspire your creativity:

6. Traditional Stone Fireplace

This living room features a stone veneer fireplace, a white sofa, two gray chairs and a hanging chandelier.
Creative Mines Image Database - Craft Orchard Limestone

This traditional stone fireplace is the ideal addition to this warm, inviting living room. It creates the perfect texture without drawing attention away from the other design elements.

7. A Standout Fireplace Design

This cream-color stone veneer fireplace has a large television mounted to it. There is a beige couch, a wooden coffee table and a wooden chair in the living room.
Creative Mines Image Database - Craft Split Modular

If you want a fireplace design that doesn’t blend but rather pops in a room, this design is a perfect portrayal. This light-colored stone fireplace is featured in a room with wood-paneled ceilings, hardwood floors and green-painted walls, allowing the fireplace to effortlessly demand attention as its color and texture stand out.

8. Two-Story Fireplace

A dining room with huge windows overlooking the ocean. A dining table is in the foreground and a large, lit stone fireplace and a large leather couch sit in the background.
Creative Mines - Craft Split Modular

If you’re thinking about creating a breathtaking spectacle in your home, why not start with a two-story fireplace? This craftsman stonework is awe-inspiring and adds so much to the interior décor.


You can also use luxury stone accents and accessories to create gorgeous backsplashes and accent walls in kitchens and bathrooms.

9. Modern Bathroom

This double vanity has a marble countertop with a white brick veneer backsplash.
Creative Mines Image Database - Craft Paintgrade Block™

If you’re considering updating your bathroom, why not throw some craftsman stonework into your backsplash? It’s modern and beautiful and creates a clean aesthetic that’s perfect for bathrooms. With virtually no maintenance or upkeep required, stone veneer offers wet rooms performance and beauty.

10. Updated Kitchen

This kitchen features a white brick veneer backsplash. There is a jar of kitchen utensils, a potted plant, a bowl of bread, a blue cutting board and a ceramic pitcher on the counter.
Creative Mines Image Database - Craft Paintgrade Brick™

You can do what the designer of this home did and layer your kitchen backsplash with brick veneer. Whether you’re going for a modern aesthetic or a shabby chic interior design, this stone veneer can effortlessly enhance any design with its irresistible texture and natural appearance. Similar to wet rooms, veneer performs well in busy kitchen environments with superior heat resistance and minimal upkeep.

Exterior Accent Walls

While you’re updating your home, don’t stop with just the inside! There’s plenty of room outdoors to play around with luxury stone accent walls.

11. Unique Stone Exterior

This exterior patio area features a circular table with four chairs and a stone veneer accent wall.
Creative Mines Image Database - Craft Orchard Limestone

Creating a unique craftsman stone exterior accent wall is the ideal and least expensive way to add curb appeal without completely altering your exterior design aesthetic.

12. Beautiful Stone Entrance

Spanish-style house with barrel tiles and white stucco and a gate made of stone.
Creative Mines Image Database - Craft Foothill Rubble

The options aren’t limited to just walls. If you’re thinking about adding luxury stone to your home’s exterior, you might start with the entryway to make a lasting first impression.

13. Gorgeous Stone Walls

This two-story home features stone veneer on the first story. There is a beautiful sunset behind the home.
Creative Mines Image Database - Craft Orchard Limestone

If you’re committed to creating a statement with exterior stonework, you might try something like this — a beautiful example of craftsmanship that redefines what you can do with exterior accent walls.

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