Board Form Concrete Architecture 101: 7 Examples of a Superb Alternative

April 12, 2023
Board Form Monsoon 6

With the rising popularity of concrete as an architectural design note, Board form concrete architecture is a creative and unique architectural style that has been around for centuries. It’s trendy in modern and industrial designs, but can also be found in both residential and commercial spaces.

It may be the ideal option for developing or redesigning your home, but there are several considerations before taking that next step. Let’s discuss what board form architecture is, and why it’s such a popular choice among homeowners, architects and designers.

What Is Board Form Concrete Architecture?

A modern brick home with a large concrete slab entryway. The entryway is made of small gray concrete blocks and has a glass door in the middle of it.
Creative Mines - Craft Board Form

A concrete board form wall is an architectural concrete wall that captures the texture and pattern of wood grain. Wooden boards are used as formwork, shaping the concrete during pouring. Once the concrete cures and the forms are removed, the wall exhibits the distinct imprints, offering a visually appealing appearance.

The Design Benefits of Traditional Board Form Walls

Traditional board form walls are created by using wooden boards as the formwork for concrete. The unique modern aesthetic is a favorite among architects and designers for several reasons, including:

Organic Appearance

The texture and pattern of the wooden boards create unique and organic imprints on the concrete surface texture, often lending itself well to modern design applications.


Using wood as formwork is a sustainable option compared to other types of formwork, such as plastic or metal, which are often not reusable and have a greater environmental impact.


Concrete, in general, is a very durable material that is strong and includes the added benefits of being resistant to fire, moisture and pests.

Things to Consider with Traditional Board Form Architecture

Traditional board form concrete architecture is incredibly stylish and ideal for homeowners and architects looking to add eye-catching aesthetics. However, there are a few installation and design concerns to be aware of when building a traditional board form wall with concrete, including:

Engineering and Planning

Preparing a traditional formwork wall can be an extensive process involving architectural and engineering planning. The wall’s thickness should be carefully considered to ensure that it’s structurally sound and can withstand the intended loads. The thickness will also affect the pattern and texture of the final wall.

Formwork Design

Careful consideration should be given to the size and spacing of the boards, including alignment, proper support and rebar for the concrete wall. It would be incredibly unwise to underthink this part of the design process.

Release Agents

Specifying the proper release agent is important in order to ensure that you achieve the intended look. This could include oil- or waxed-based agents.

Concrete Mix Design

The concrete should be carefully selected and mixed according to the manufacturer's instructions to achieve the desired finish and strength. The mix should be fluid enough to fill the formwork, but not so runny that it causes the boards to move or float.

Weather Conditions

Weather can play a big part in the final appearance of the wall. If the weather is too hot, the concrete may dry too quickly and crack. If it’s too cold, the concrete may not cure properly. Follow manufacturer recommendations for weather when considering an ideal time frame for the project.

Installation Process

The installation process can also be complicated. There are many imperfections in the installation process that make it challenging for anyone without a lot of prior experience with concrete finishings to complete efficiently. Plus, you have to pour and set your own concrete, which is incredibly difficult and time-consuming, even for contractors with lots of experience.

5 Benefits of Creative Mines’ Craft Board Form Architecture

A close-up image of light gray wood panels.
Creative Mines - Craft Board Form

While the look of traditional board form is sleek and aesthetically intriguing, it can be an extensive and, quite often, difficult application to achieve. Fortunately, there are alternative masonry options available that can provide a similar visual appearance at a fraction of the cost.

While we are known for our authentic stone and masonry veneers, our experts at Creative Mines have also created a unique line of Craft® Board Form®. Handcast from rough boards exposing the natural woodgrain, our Craft® Board Form® has characteristic knotholes that accentuate the organic forms of each board. This product offers a range of advantages, including:

1. Durability

Creative Mines’ Craft® Board Form® is created to stand the test of time and provides unrivaled durability, scratch resistance and weather resistance for any application.

2. Sustainability

At Creative Mines, we make it a priority to craft our products with sustainability in mind. Every part of the Creative Mines engineering process is designed to be as energy-efficient and waste-free as possible.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

Due to the exposed woodgrain discussed above, the product has a highly appealing design aesthetic, making it ideal for any homeowner or home designer looking for a luxurious outdoor or indoor material that elevates any space.

4. Ease of Installation

Creative Mines’ Craft Board Form, compared to traditional board form, is significantly easier to install and doesn’t require special permits or engineering expertise. It is recommended to follow Creative Mines Board Form installation instructions to ensure a properly finished project.

5. Versatility

It’s a versatile design option, available in five distinct colors: Grayscale, Sycamore, Barnwood, Saltspray and Monsoon.

7 Wood Veneer Designs to Spark Your Creativity

At Creative Mines, our wood-inspired veneer beautifully captures the depth and texture of wood with the performance benefits of stone veneer. Don’t just take our word for it, see it for yourself.

Here are seven wood veneer examples from our Creative Mines collection — let these help inspire your next home design project!

1. A Poolside Exterior Accent Wall

A modern backyard patio of a home. The outdoor patio furniture sits on top of panels over a pool area.
Creative Mines - Craft Board Form

This gorgeous back patio area is a picture-perfect creation of luxury. Imagine sitting poolside in your backyard, on lush, waterproof furniture with a wood veneer backdrop. Your guests won’t be able to get enough of it!

2. Modern Home Exteriors

The exterior of a three-story modern home made of concrete and wood veneers. There are plants and trees in front of the house.
Creative Mines - Craft Board Form

This is an ideal example of how to use wood veneer as an exterior feature without dominating the entire space. The architect of this building used Creative Mines’ beautiful board form as an accent piece to create intriguing and eye-catching color blocking.

3. Dark-Toned Modern Living and Dining

A modern living area with a couch, dining table and gas fireplace. There are multiple pieces of art and sculpture around the room and a blue accent wall behind the fireplace.
Creative Mines - Craft Board Form

One of the best parts of using Creative Mines board form is that it doesn’t have to be overstated. In this beautiful living and dining area, wood veneer complements the space without pulling any attention from the stand-out design pieces.

4. Cozy Meets Modern in the Bedroom

A gray bedroom with a wood veneer accent wall behind the headboard of the bed. There is a bright blue colored landscape picture above the headboard.
Creative Mines - Craft Board Form

This is another example of how you can use board form to create an interior accent wall that redefines a room. When you use Creative Mines board form, you get to embrace the natural design aesthetic of a poured-in-place board form wall without the expense, engineering complications and interior space necessary to achieve this look.

5. Modern Exteriors with Lush Greenery

A worms-eye-view of a modern home made of wood veneers, concrete and glass.
Creative Mines - Craft Board Form

This is the perfect example of how well our board form can be paired with luscious greenery. Even though the pieces are entirely handcrafted, they possess a natural color, tone and texture that pairs perfectly with nature.

6. Accentuate Fireplace Designs

A bright living room with a sectional couch and two chairs. There is a gas fireplace with a TV mounted above it, on a wood veneer wall.
Creative Mines - Craft Board Form

Board form can be used anywhere you like. The designer for this beautiful home used craftsman wood veneer to create an eye-catching fireplace. This type of design choice can give your area an instant upgrade without needing ongoing upkeep.

7. Dining Rooms Additions

The view from inside a dining room, looking into a living room. The two areas are separated by an accent wood veneer wall.
Creative Mines - Craft Board Form

This home design demonstrates how board form can visually enhance dining spaces. What better way to enhance this space than with a timeless concrete veneer accent wall? Break up the monotony of painted walls and add an exciting element that guests will love.

Procure High-Quality Craftsman Board Form from Creative Mines

An up-close image of an exterior wood veneer wall with a mounted exterior light fixture.
Creative Mines - Craft Board Form

If you’re looking for a unique look for your modern or industrial design, Creative Mines is the place to go! We offer a variety of high-quality craft board form perfect for creating breathtaking home décor. Our premium craftsmanship, artisan products and fast shipping allow you to get your materials quickly.

Order samples directly from our website or contact us today to start your next project!