Create a Magical Fireplace with Stone Veneer

December 1, 2022
Create a Magical Fireplace with Stone Veneer

Fireplaces are often the primary focal point of a room or space. Whether indoors or outdoors, fireplaces tend to draw the eye and tie a design together through color, hue and texture. However, with the wrong cladding option and disregard for those finishing touches, they can also be an eyesore.

To ensure your fireplace makes the right impact for your home’s design, you must choose an aesthetically appealing facing option that blends durability, aesthetics and performance. People often assume this means you must go with natural stone or brick. However, these two options have significant downsides, like high costs, high maintenance requirements and complicated installation. Thankfully, there’s another option.

A manufactured stone veneer fireplace has all the beauty of natural stone or brick without all of the headaches and hassles. Stone veneer fireplaces are hand-crafted to look like natural stone without the limitations. They come in numerous sizes, shapes and colors to match any aesthetic and replicate any natural stone appearance.

A veneer stone fireplace has several benefits over its natural stone counterpart. In this article, we’ll discuss those benefits and share some types of stone veneer for fireplaces, along with a few stone veneer fireplace examples to help inspire your next design.

The Benefits of a Stone Veneer Fireplace

There are several benefits to choosing stone veneer for fireplaces. Here are seven reasons to consider it for yours.

1. Cost-Effective

Stone veneer costs substantially less than natural stone thanks to a controlled environment for manufacturing to specific tolerances. Natural Stone must be sourced, excavated from the ground and then cut to various sizes — requiring human and machine capitol.

2. It Weighs Very Little

Thanks to its lightweight aggregate sources used in production, manufactured stone is easy to move and install. It also costs significantly less to ship than natural stone alternatives.

3. Low Maintenance

Stone veneer fireplaces don’t require any special cleaners or arduous maintenance. In certain lines, like the ones from Creative Mines, color oxides are added during the manufacturing process to create highly authentic color variations, perfect for meeting all types of design styles.

4. Design Versatility

Manufactured stone veneer comes in a variety of colors, shapes, textures and sizes to fit any motif and installation challenge. Its lightweight characteristics makes for an ideal accent wall material in non-load bearing applications.

5. On-Trend With Modern Designs

Manufactured stone is designed to keep up with trends and tradition, so you’re sure to find the style that fits your needs. With a wide variety of colors, designing with manufactured stone is much more versatile and consistent than natural stone options.

6. Construction Versatility

Manufactured stone veneer installs on virtually any surface, including wood, metal, cement board, cement and more.

7. More Environmentally Friendly

Stone veneer doesn’t require mining like natural stone, making it a better choice for the environmentally conscious. In addition, manufactured stone often uses post-industrial waste as a recycled material additive in the veneer’s manufacturing which diverts waste from landfills.

3 Gorgeous Examples of Stone Veneer Fireplaces

The best way to understand the beauty of stone veneer on fireplaces is to see it in action. Here at Creative Mines, we manufacture stone and brick veneers that effortlessly elevate any fireplace design.

Our Craft® Split Modular collection brings form, function and beauty to any fireplace — here are three gorgeous examples from this collection to show you how easily these stone veneers can improve a fireplace design:

1. A Dramatic Interior Fireplace in Timberwolf Split Modular.

It’s hard to believe this gigantic, breathtaking fireplace isn’t made of natural stone. However, as tough as it might be to believe, this gorgeous fireplace is faced entirely with a modular stone veneer from Creative Mines.

2. A Modern White Fireplace for the Contemporary Home

A beige stone veneer fireplace with abstract art framed above it and a coffee table with white abstract figurines.
Creative Mines - Inspiration

By swapping out the color from Timberwolf to Powder, this veneer stone dazzles in this contemporary living room with its sawtooth texture and clean-cut edges.

3. A Stylish Outdoor Fireplace in Powder Split Modular

An outdoor fireplace at dusk with beige stone veneer, two blue couches, and a white coffee table.
Creative Mines - Inspiration

The stone veneer in this inspiration photo is the exact same stone veneer in the previous living room. It really goes to show how flexible this option can be. Simply changing the environment to an outdoor living space provides a modern yet rugged appearance.

5 Types of Stone Veneer For Fireplaces

The three inspiration examples all highlighted the same stone veneer profile Split Modular. However, at Creative Mines, we offer numerous choices to consider, ensuring you find the perfect design for your home. Here are five other types of stone veneer to consider for your fireplace.

1. Craft Chop Ledge Panel

A close-up of Craft Chop Ledge Panel in the shade Cloudbreak.
Craft® Chop Ledge Panel

With beautiful hues of white and grey and varying widths and heights, this option adds tons of depth and dimension to a fireplace’s facing. It also comes in a panel system, making installation a breeze.

2. Craft Marble Kings

A close-up of Craft Marble Kings limestone in the shade Brighthorizon.
Craft® Marble Kings

This oversized, rectangular-shaped stone fireplace veneer is full of texture and character. Its creamy white color makes it an excellent option for contemporary designs.

3. Craft Orchard Limestone

A close-up of a wall with Craft Orchard Limestone in the color Wildflower.
Craft® Orchard Limestone

Soft hues of wispy whites, cream undertones and natural grey highlights introduce a highly versatile color palette.

4. Craft Paintgrade Brick™

A close-up of Creative Mines Craft Paint Grade Brick in the color Loft.
Craft® Paintgrade Brick™

With a somewhat shorter face height and a longer length, Loft Craft Paintgrade Brick™ pays homage to urban warehouse interiors and lofts. Plus, its raw, off-white concrete color easily accepts any paint color for customization.

5. Craft Farmhouse Ledge

A close-up of a stone veneer wall with Craft Farmhouse Ledge in the shade Green Tea.
Craft® Farmhouse Ledge

This stone veneer is ideal for people who love rustic and informal designs. The diverse stone shapes and weathered faces make these stones feel worn and realistic.

Build Your Dream Stone Veneer Fireplace Today

The design possibilities are limitless when you choose manufactured stone and brick veneer for your fireplace. There are so many options to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect stone veneer for your fireplace. However, remember that all manufactured stone isn’t created equally, so you’ll want to go with a manufacturer you can trust.

At Creative Mines, we’re known for the quality of our fireplace veneer stone. With unparalleled strength, no-fade colors, and a 50-year warranty, we’re the superior option in stone veneer. Check out our full collection or order a sample of our stone veneer today to see it for yourself!