11 White Stone Veneer Design Ideas to Add a Touch of Class to Your Home

March 2, 2023
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If you’re a homeowner, home developer or designer looking for some fresh new design ideas, white stone veneer has a classic, luxurious look that can elevate any design aesthetic. Whether used as a focal point or accent feature, white stone veneer is as versatile as it is beautiful. Plus, because it’s created using reclaimed materials, it’s more environmentally friendly, extremely durable and hand crafted to a level of authenticity rarely seen in masonry veneer.

Like most home design ideas, you have to see them to believe them. That’s why we’ve taken the time to put together a list of some of our favorite home designs incorporating white stone veneer. Here are 11 beautiful white stone veneer design examples to inspire your next project:

11 Elegant White Stone Veneer Design Examples

1. Mesmerize by Integrating Nature with Modern Sensibilities

Rectangular modern home is built of white walls and white stone veneer surrounded by desert vegetation and a stone mountain in the background.
Natural Limestone

Aesthetic home trends don’t have to be one or the other. Often the modernist aesthetic — sharp angles, flat roofs, blocky components — are injected into their surroundings, rather than being blended in. While the aesthetic is popular for a reason, dropping modernism right into nature can be a polarizing choice. In fact, we are already seeing this aesthetic trend is evolving as our sensibilities evolve. Understanding the link between our own nature and artistry is now at the forefront of design, rather than a jarring contrast.

This spectacular home took this notion and chose to integrate white stone veneer, coupling the sharp angles and blocky architecture with the natural surroundings of its desert landscape. This is indeed how to make a modern home — the notion that this modernist design fully blossoms by blending into where it lives, heavily underlined by the backdrop of a stony peak. Combined with the local desert scape, this home shines as a testament to modern design and the continued power of utilizing the stone aesthetic in building.

2. A Dazzling Merger of Stucco and Stone

Spanish-style home with red barrel roof tiles, stucco, and white stone veneer sits behind a garden of pink flowers.
Creative Mines - Craft Orchard Limestone

Not only can modern designs be paired with traditional designs, but it’s important to remember that traditional designs can be paired with other traditional aesthetics as well. In this lovely take on a traditional Spanish-style home, Mediterranean-style stucco stands above walls made of white stone veneer. The reddish hue of classic Spanish barrel tiles serves as the glue between them, covering the roofs on both the stone veneer walls and stucco-walled upper stories. If that wasn’t enough, this designer chose sky blue paint for the window shutters.

Perhaps the most intriguing of all designs is conserving the sensibilities of old, taking their best features, combining them together and adding a little modern flare at the end!

3. Attention-Grabbing Foyer

An foyer designed with white stone veneer. There is a buffet table, cactus plants, artwork and lamps in the space.
Creative Mines - Craft Split Modular

When guests enter a home, they are often welcomed immediately with a foyer. This area of the home gives a first impression of your home’s interior, so why not impress them instantly? This home above does just that with the addition of a white stone veneer accent wall.

This perfectly decorated foyer is a statement that will be memorable for everyone who experiences it — the textured buffet table, cactus plants, industrial lamps and artwork are all able to stand on their own thanks to the perfectly picked stone veneer backdrop. Your guests might even want to take this design and implement it into their own home.

4. Inviting White Stone Fireplaces

A white interior stone veneer fireplace is lit in front of a white couch and a coffee table.
Creative Mines - Craft Split Modular

One of our favorites, this design features a white stone veneer fireplace in front of a chic white couch and a modern coffee table. The white stone veneer is the perfect complement to the contemporary décor and brings a touch of warmth to the living room that has nothing to do with the fire.

This is the picture-perfect example of what an incredible designer could do with white stone veneer and complete freedom with their design choices.

5. Stunning Dining Room Accent Walls

A dining room featuring a white interior stone veneer accent wall with a dining room table and six white chairs.
Creative Mines - Craft Split Modular

Here’s another eye-catching design example that showcases white stone veneer’s versatility for the home. This dining room with a white interior stone veneer accent wall creates a luxurious backdrop for the table and chairs. You may also notice how the white stone pairs perfectly with the greenery and warm lighting. This combination creates a cozy place to sit and enjoy a nice dinner with the entire family.

6. Beautiful Primary Bedroom Accent Walls

Primary bedroom with a bed and bedside tables and a large accent wall of thin stone veneer.
Creative Mines - Craft Split Modular

In this design example, we have a gorgeous primary bedroom with a significant accent wall of thin white stone veneer. Accent walls are super trendy in the design world, but rarely do you see them done with such finesse.

The white stone veneer adds a ton of texture and style without detracting from the room’s coziness. That’s a crucial bedroom design aspect, and prospective home designers should definitely take note.

7. Front-Facing Exterior Accent Walls

A modern home with exterior accents of white stone veneer. The home has a cobblestone driveway.
Creative Mines - Craft Split Modular

If you’re looking for an effective way to boost your home’s curb appeal, why not create stunning exterior accent walls? This home is a work of art — they’ve used white stone veneer to create interesting texture and bring out the intricacy of the home’s architecture. It’s the ideal way to wow guests before they ever step foot inside your home.

8. Breathtaking Staircase Design

A staircase features white stone veneer on the wall. There are wooden steps leading to the upstairs of the home.
Creative Mines - Craft Split Modular

This is a breathtaking example of a beautiful staircase wall covered in white interior veneer. The wooden steps, black railing and black light fixture pair perfectly with the white brick veneer, which creates contrast without removing any of the inherent comforts in the design. Shown here, this often overlooked area of the home can be transformed into a design focal point with just a couple of high-quality design touches.

9. Cozy Living Room Accent Walls and Fireplaces

Living room with a large television mounted above a fireplace, a tan sofa, a wooden chair and shelving units on both sides of the fireplace.
Creative Mines - Craft Split Modular

This beautiful living room features various wood elements — from the furniture to the shelves to the ceilings, this room certainly embraces the woodsy look. However, the white stone veneer fireplace adds a bright and airy focal point that this space needed to reach perfection. It effortlessly complements the naturalistic vibe of this den while adding a sense of light to the space. A living room should feel alive and white stone veneer fosters a great blend of sophistication and warmth for these spaces.

10. Eye-Catching Entryways and Exits

A palm tree is in the foreground and an iron doorway opens up to show a table with wicker chairs in the next room. All the walls are made from stone.
Creative Mines - Craft Split Modular

Many people neglect this part of their home design, but it’s an important element. Entryways and exits are seen and used all the time by guests, visitors and homeowners, so why not take the time to make them shine?

This design highlights nature, sunny weather, an iron doorway and breathtaking white stone veneer walls. They’ve even used stone veneer to cover the door frames to create the impression that the door is part of the stone.

11. Gorgeous Outdoor Entertainment Centers

A view of an outdoor patio featuring a fireplace, two sofas, a coffee table and a beautiful view of mountains.
Creative Mines - Craft Split Modular

There’s nothing quite like sitting outside on a beautiful night with the people you love, enjoying the warm fire while relaxing on a sofa. It’s rare to find an outdoor area more stunning than the one in this picture.

The fireplace features a white stone veneer backdrop, complementing the luxurious and clean aesthetic that the rest of the area protrudes. Who wouldn’t want to hang out and relax on a patio like this?

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