Utilizing Masonry Veneer for Interior Walls

December 15, 2022
Stone Veneer for Walls

Either as an accent piece or to compliment a design, interior masonry veneer is expertly crafted to mimic the look of natural stone but with better performance and added benefits. Like natural stone, interior masonry veneer comes in several textures, colors, sizes and shapes to complement any aesthetic. Manufactured stone veneer is not load-bearing, which means it's easier to install on interiors and significantly less expensive compared to natural stone.

Whether you’re using it for fireplaces, accent walls, in the kitchen or somewhere else, interior masonry veneer is a terrific option to improve the look and feel of a space.

In this article, we’ll share some of the benefits of using masonry veneer for interior walls. Then, we’ll show you some examples of interior masonry veneer installations to inspire your next design.

The Top Benefits of Interior Masonry Veneer

From cost and maintenance to versatility and more, there are many benefits to choosing masonry veneer interior walls:

1. Cost-Effective

Interior masonry veneer costs significantly less than natural stone, which makes it the perfect choice for budget-conscious homeowners and designers. And, thanks to advanced engineering and material selection in the manufacturing process, masonry veneer retains its appearance and performance now and into the future.

2. Low Maintenance

You don’t have to use special cleaning supplies or worry about arduous maintenance when using masonry veneer for interior walls. Plus, when you select a manufacturer like Creative Mines, you get the peace of mind that comes with a 50-year limited warranty.

3. Easy Installation

Interior veneer stone can be installed on almost every surface, including brick, cement, metal and wood.

4. Lightweight

Interior masonry veneer is incredibly lightweight, which makes it easy and less expensive to ship and install. Plus, with Creative Mines’ expertly packaged palettes, there’s even less waste from broken or damaged stones.

5. Trendy

Interior masonry veneer isn’t relegated to just traditional stone aesthetics. From brick to aged wood appearance, veneer can be manufactured with the latest trends in mind —- satisfying both design and regional preferences. Consequently, you’re sure to find an interior masonry veneer that matches your design goals.

6. Versatile

Like natural stone, interior masonry veneer comes in various textures, shapes, colors and sizes to fit almost every interior motif.

7. Environmentally Friendly

Interior masonry veneer doesn’t have to be mined as natural stone does. As a result, it’s easier on the environment. Creative Mines takes this a step further by being the only interior masonry veneer manufacturer that uses 100%-natural pozzolan. As the same material the Romans used on icons like the Colosseum, you can rest easy knowing your interior masonry veneer will stand the test of time.

10 Beautiful Design Examples of Interior Masonry Veneer

Now that you know the top benefits of interior masonry veneer let’s see it in action. Often, seeing is believing, and that’s definitely the case with masonry veneer from Creative Mines.

At Creative Mines, we’re known for our high-quality interior masonry veneer, white-glove customer service, gorgeous designs and relentless attention to detail. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Here are six stunning examples of our interior stone in action:

1. Craft an Opulent Fireplace with Interior Masonry Veneer

A white interior masonry veneer fireplace is lit in front of a white couch and a coffee table.
Craft Split Modular - Powder

This gorgeous fireplace features Craft® Split Modular in the color Powder. The interior masonry veneer does an excellent job of drawing the eye toward the flickering flame and oversized art, which creates an unmistakable elegance in this upscale den.

2. Powerfully Comforting Masonry Veneer Accent Wall in Master Bedroom

Master bedroom with white walls, four post bed, two white chairs in front of a round coffee table, and a masonry veneer accent wall behind the bed.
Craft Orchard Limestone - Whitegold

A distinct feature of utilizing masonry veneer on the interior is perhaps surprising — its comfort. Rock and stone are not often considered in such a way, and using these materials on the exterior of homes, and, historically, the great castles and cathedrals, has been a way to show and provide strength. That said, when stone comes indoors, it projects a different kind of strength — the strength of comfort.

In this lovely master bedroom setup, white-painted wood is used for the ceiling and the trims with tall and large windows, all anchored by a supremely comforting accent wall of masonry veneer featuring Craft Orchard Limestone in the color Whitegold by Creative MInes. Studded with a four-poster bed and matching dark wood furniture, the wall provides everything a master bedroom should be — elegant comfort.

3. A Great Stone Wall for a Great Room

Large living room with masonry veneer accent wall, sectional couch, large chandelier and an open wall looking out to a city beyond.
Craft Foothill Rubble - Toasted

In this example utilizing Craft Foothill Rubble in the color Toasted, the magnificence of a masonry veneer accent wall in a great room brings home the outstanding aesthetics of interior masonry veneer walls. Imagine if this same wall were white, like its sister walls. Would the room have the same presence? Provide the same comfort, strength and beauty?

There is always a delicate balance in interior design. When there is too much of something or not enough, it can throw the equilibrium off. Adding just a touch of masonry veneer greatly elevates the overall aesthetic of the room, which translates into the overall feel. It is a truly marvelous example of utilizing masonry veneer on the interior to significantly upgrade all positive aspects of great room interior design. The architect's choice to wrap the stone veneer wall with corners provides the authentic appearance of a structural natural stone wall.

4. Elevate a Kitchen Backsplash Using Interior Masonry Veneer

Modern kitchen with masonry veneer backsplash, white cabinets, and dark stainless steel appliances.
Paintgrade Brick Brewery

Backsplashes are a terrific way to immediately improve a kitchen’s appearance. This kitchen takes this concept a step further by featuring an interior brick masonry veneer, Craft Paintgrade Brick Brewery painted in Pure White by Sherwin Williams. The unique Craft Paintgrade brick, offered by Creative Mines, is manufactured to be painted any color you want, offering the ultimate in design flexibility.

5. Interior Veneer Stone for an Elegant Yet Cozy Living Room Design

A living room featuring interior masonry veneer walls with a leather sofa, a black rocking chair and an eating area.

To elevate an elegant living room while still maintaining its cozy appeal, look no further than a neutral masonry veneer interior wall. These walls, featuring a mixology of Craft Farmhouse Ledge and Craft Foothill Rubble both in the color Coyote, perfectly complement this contemporary aesthetic and effortlessly elevate it to new heights.

6. Evoke a Clean Aesthetic with an Interior Masonry Veneer Wall

This bathroom design features a white bathtub, black fixtures and white stool and linens hanging on the side of the tub.

The crisp white bathtub and the bold black finishes set the stage for this clean, contemporary bathroom design. The interior masonry veneer wall, featuring Craft Chop Ledge in the color Lighthouse, helps hit this design aesthetic home and ties the entire look together.

7. Create A Modern Living Room Motif with a Masonry Veneer Accent Wall

This living room space features a white masonry veneer wall with a wood fireplace. There is a gray sofa in the space, along with a gold lamp, a wood side table and a leather chair.

This living room design blends modern appeal with effortless comfort seamlessly. Pairing a Craft Flamed Rectangle masonry veneer wall in Mist with the soft, natural touch of multiple wood finishes gives this space a relaxing feel while still impressing anyone who enters the room.

8. A Timeless Living Room Design

Living room fireplace treated with a modern stacked ledge stone, flanked by matching wood cabinets.

We’ve talked about the abilities of masonry veneer on interior walls to provide elegance, but so, too, do they provide a space to relax. In this timeless living room design, white cabinetry and brass fixtures are utilized to create a light and bright design that evokes a sense of peace.

The Craft Urban Strip masonry veneer accent wall in Winterfall provides an elegance that lends itself perfectly to generate a space of comfort, somewhere to gather with family after a long day.

9. Create a Focal Point Fireplace

A dining room with huge windows overlooking the ocean. A dining table is in the foreground and a large, lit stone fireplace and a large leather couch sit in the background.
Craft Split Modular - Timberwolf

In another example of how Craft Split Modular can be used to level up an interior design, this dramatic fireplace was finished in the color Timberwolf. It pairs perfectly with the rustic sensibilities of this space, effortlessly complementing the hardwood floors and ceiling and the breathtaking ocean views.

10. Bridging the Outdoors with the Interior

Living room with several potted house plants, a masonry veneer wall inset with a fireplace, and large, open windows overlooking hills and the ocean beyond.
Craft Orchard Limestone - Whitegold

In this magnificent great room featuring another example of Craft Orchard Limestone in Whitegold, these dark wood floors and wooden ceiling beams frame a space littered with connections to the outside. As if the space were a patio, the interior has been designed with an abundance of houseplants and a beautiful masonry veneer main wall with an inset fireplace.

Taken all together, this room encapsulates what it means to bring the outdoors in while maximizing the idealized comforting and warm aesthetic of interior spaces. The warm tones and white highlights of the stone especially contrast with the dark wood to not only bring the outdoors in, but an elegant balance of color contrast.

Want to Add Masonry Veneer Interior Walls to Your Next Project?

Masonry veneer interior walls are stunning additions to any design. If you’re ready to get started with masonry veneer, you’ve come to the right place.

At Creative Mines, we’re experts at crafting high-quality masonry veneer for interior and exterior projects. Unlike our competitors, we’re not burdened by how things have always been. Instead, we’re always on the cutting edge of creating something new.

If you’d like to see additional inspirational images visit the Creative Mines inspirational gallery.

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