Craft ® Split Modular Panel

Split Modular Panel features clean cut edges, split faces and pronounced sawtooth textures pre-assembled into oversized 7.5” high x 22” long panels.

Craft® Split Modular Panel





Technical Specs

Seapearl Craft Split Modular Panel features hints of earthen rust and camel brown sprinkled throughout its gray-brown palette. It’s a masonry panel system engineered to decrease installation time and minimize repeating patterns.

Shadowplay Craft Split Modular Panel has a mix of mid-tone gray and darker gray stones with wider areas of subtle lighter highlights. It is a modular panel stone with clean cut edges, split faces and the occasional pronounced sawtooth texture.

Cloudbreak Craft Split Modular Panel features wispy hues of whites and delicate layers of grays to embody a contemporary yet inviting color balance suitable for a variety of design applications.

Castiron Craft Split Modular Panel features deep charcoal blacks layered with hints of aged oak and subtle glacial highlights to create a sophisticated and complex color palette for dramatic elevations in both contemporary and traditional designs.