Craft ® Warehouse Brick

The contemporary appeal of Warehouse Brick is evident in its clean modernist lines expressive textures, and inviting color palettes.

Craft® Warehouse Brick







Technical Specs

Cloudbreak Craft Warehouse Brick features wispy hues of whites and delicate layers of grays to embody a contemporary yet inviting color balance suitable for a variety of design applications.

Raincloud Craft Warehouse Brick has cool gray and charcoal-colored bricks with muted soft-white undertones. The proportional dimensions recall the masonry brick often specified for the commercial warehouses of a bygone era.

Shadowdance Warehouse Brick demands attention with its commanding black iron color palette, boasting rusty undertones and subtle chalky highlights.

Pebblecreek Warehouse Brick offers endless design possibilities with its versatile color palette of warm taupe, embracing earthy browns and creek bed grays.

Burnthoney Warehouse Brick entices a wide range of tastes with its inclusive color palette, blending deep honey tones and soothing creams, harmoniously balanced by driftwood grays, oaky browns, and delicate chalky white highlights.

Plumwood Warehouse Brick features an earthy plum base with deep chocolate hues and hints of subtle mossy grayish greens.

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