10 Timeless Examples of Exterior Stone Veneer Siding

November 15, 2022
10 Timeless Examples of Exterior Stone Veneer Siding

Exterior stone veneer siding is expertly crafted to look identical to natural stone but with engineered benefits for better performance. Like natural stone, veneer stone siding comes in an array of colors, textures, shapes and sizes to match nearly every design aesthetic. And since manufactured stone is not load-bearing like natural stone, this decorative exterior siding option boasts numerous advantages.

In this article, we'll talk about some of the benefits of outdoor stone veneer siding. Then, we'll share 10 examples of stone veneer exterior siding so you can decide if it's the right siding option for your home or building.

7 Advantages of Stone Veneer Siding

There are several advantages to selecting manufactured stone veneer siding. Here are seven of the top benefits:

1. Lower Cost

Perhaps the most significant benefit of manufactured stone veneer is the lower cost. It’s substantially more cost-effective to use stone veneer over the natural stone alternative. Unlike natural stone, manufactured stone has been engineered to reduce waste and cover more square footage.

2. Lightweight

Manufactured stone veneer is also lightweight and easy to maneuver, making installation much more straightforward and less painstaking. It’s also less expensive to ship than the heavier natural stone—saving costs on transportation. With expertly packaged pallets like ones from Creative Mines, there’s less waste as well.

3. Construction Versatility

Due to its light weight and ability to be installed on a variety of approved substrates — stone veneer has incredible construction versatility.

4. Low Maintenance

Stone veneer doesn’t require any special cleaners or complicated maintenance. It’s easy to clean, maintain and restore, making it a terrific option for property owners who want beauty without all of the maintenance hassles. Creative Mines offers a 50-year limited warranty on all veneer products for added peace of mind.

5. Crafted with Today’s Trends In Mind

Stone veneer with its natural characteristics, shapes and authentic colors creates design appeal that is both on trend and timeless to ensure your property is on-trend and aesthetically pleasing.

6. Design Versatility

Whether you’re looking to redesign your property’s exterior or add an accent wall to your interior, stone veneer is an excellent option. Plus, with an array of color, size and shape choices, you can find a stone veneer to fit virtually any design aesthetic. As a timeless cladding option, veneer pairs well with complimentary materials for exterior styles- offering additional versatility.

7. Better For the Environment

Because manufactured stone veneer utilizes natural materials, including post industrial content, it’s a better option for the environment. Natural stone requires extensive mining and excess waste. In addition, Creative Mines is the only stone veneer manufacturer who uses 100% natural pozzolan in its mix design, offering superior benefits for longevity and performance. The same material makeup the Romans used on buildings that have stood the test of time.

10 Examples of Contemporary yet Timeless Exterior Stone Veneer Siding Options

Now that we've discussed some advantages of exterior stone veneer siding, let's see it in action from one of the most trusted experts in stone veneer siding — Creative Mines.

Here at Creative Mines, we are known as an experienced stone veneer manufacturing company that prioritizes quality, creativity and commitment to customer care. Here are ten of our exceptional exterior stone veneer options from our Timeless and Contemporary collections.

1. Craft Chop Ledge Panel

A two story modern home with ledge stones, smooth plaster and wooden accents.
Creative Mines- Flint Chop Ledge

Our Craft Chop Ledge Panel is a jaw-dropping stone veneer siding comprised of mismatched patterns and gorgeous detailing. It matches perfectly with a more contemporary design motif. Thanks to its panel design, installing and avoiding repeating patterns is a breeze. It also comes in seven different color options, ranging from the white hues to darker, charcoal hues.

2. Craft Split Modular

A modern custom home features an extensive use of cut ledge stone, contrasting smooth white plaster and oversized black framed windows.
Creative Mines - Split Modular

Our Craft Split Modular option comes in 12 different colors, and allows you to build and lay the stone veneer just like you would with natural stone. The intentional color story and clean-cut edges paired with the sawtooth features and split faces create a lot of character and depth.

3. Craft Chiseled Rectangle

The desert home features strong linear lines accented by cut rectangular stone, vertical windows and sand colored smooth plaster.
Creative Mines Inspiration Page - Craft Chiseled Rectangle

Our Craft Chiseled Rectangle profile features large, square-edged recs that have a deeply pitted, randomly patterned surface. While bringing intriguing texture and detailing to an exterior structure, this profile is perfect for a modern design. Available in four color options — Biscuit, Sandollar, Knapsack and Bluestone — you can ensure that you get a color that meets your needs.

4. Craft Flamed Rectangle

This high-end retail center utilizes a balance of wood, stucco and rectangular cut chiseled limestone to create a strong focal point and grand entrance to the various shops.
Creative Mines Inspiration Page - Craft Flamed Rectangle

Our Craft Flamed Rectangle profile offers subtle, natural texture and soft, dimpled character of flamed stone to elevate any structure’s exterior. Whether it’s for a commercial building or for a residential project, this profile brings comfort and sophistication to the design. You have the choice of four different color options — Bisque, Brighthorizon, Mist and Bluestone — to get the perfect look you’re after.

5. Craft Peak Ledge

A modern farmhouse features black painted wood, a black metal roof and strong stone accents for the grand entrance and fireplace detail.
Creative Mines - Split Modular

Textured faces, rectilinear shapes and straight edges create a distinct shadowplay with our Craft Peak Ledge. The unique ledge stone features unique textures and shapes and can be installed as a tight joint installation (featured above) or grouted.

It's an ideal option for rustic homes and businesses. It’s also available in 10 different colors ranging from the white shades of Wildflower to the blackish-brown shades in Bison.

6. Craft Orchard Limestone

A stunning exterior facade featuring oversized limestone creates a grand entrance to this beautiful home.
Creative Mines - Craft Orchard Limestone

With slight variations in shapes and edges, our Craft Orchard Limestone strikes a balance between elegance and tradition. This option works on contemporary and classic home aesthetics with ease. It’s also available in 11 different neutral colors to complement any design.

7. Craft Farmhouse Ledge

A feature stone wall creates a warm and timeless appeal to this country club entrance.
Creative Mines Inspiration Page - Craft Farmhouse Ledge

Even from afar, our Craft Farmhouse Ledge profile stuns with its variety. This rustic, informal ledge stone features diverse shapes and sizes with weathered, lightly textured faces to bring a dramatic yet cohesive look to any structure. With nine different colors available to bring your design to life, Craft Farmhouse Ledge proves itself to be a brilliant option for any exterior project.

8. Craft Board Form

The entrance to this modern retail location features the unique board form aesthetic complimented by a natural stone wall.
Creative Mines - Board Form

Our Craft Board Form is hand-cast from rough boards that expose the natural wood grain, its characteristic knotholes accentuate the organic forms of each board and provide an easy installation process compared to on-site board form applications.

9. Craft Paintgrade Brick™

A two-story home featuring an extensive use of white painted brick and accented windows with black exterior shutters and black shingled roof creates a modern twist on this traditional design.
Creative Mines - Craft Paintgrade Brick

Our Craft Paintgrade Brick Loft profile has a somewhat shorter face height and a longer length. It pays homage to urban warehouse interiors and lofts and its raw, off-white concrete color easily accepts any paint color.

10. Craft Paintgrade Block™

A staircase is accented with smooth cut blocks to create a contemporary and uniform aesthetic. two-story home with white vinyl and sections of brown stone veneer siding. The black rooftop is complemented with wooden trim.
Creative Mines - Paintgrade Block Modern

Craft Paintgrade Block™ has a smooth uniform face and rectangular mid-century modern shape. It is attractive installed as either an offset or stacked bond and its surface effortlessly receives paint.

Get High-Quality Exterior Stone Veneer Siding for Your Next Project

Thanks to its numerous benefits and unmistakable beauty, exterior stone veneer is an excellent option for your home's outdoor siding. With an array of colors, styles, textures and sizes, you're sure to find the perfect option for your home. However, you'll want to ensure you choose a quality manufacturer.

At Creative Mines, we're known for our unique process, no-fade colors and unparalleled compression strength. We're masters of quality, dedicated to providing the highest-quality, LEED-certified exterior stone veneer siding on the market. With a 50-year warranty, you can rest assured you're getting top-notch stone veneer.

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