Thin Stone Veneer Panels: Luxury All Over Your Home

January 5, 2023
Thin Stone Veneer Panels

Stone veneer is one of the best ways to create gorgeous accents in your home, but when it comes to stone veneer, not all products are created equal.

There are many stone veneer options on the market that may look and seem appealing at first glance, but when compared to the industry-leading luxury stone veneer available at Creative Mines, they tend to fall short.

Before we jump into product-specific information, let’s take a moment to discuss the essential aspects of thin stone veneer, including what it is, how to install it, how much it costs and its various residential and commercial uses.

What is Thin Stone Veneer?

Wall made of stone veneer panels.
Craft® Split Modular Panel - Cast Iron

Thin stone veneer is stone created in thin layered panels. The panels are meant to be affixed to ordinary masonry surfaces to provide the illusion that the entire fixture or wall is made of precious natural stone. Using Creative Mines’ thin stone veneer is beneficial for many reasons, including:


Thin stone veneer costs, on average, between $6 to $12 per square foot. Of course, the price depends on the material’s overall quality and how much you need based on your project. Check out our extensive product line for more information about thin stone veneer.


Thin stone veneer is less expensive and simpler to install than other leading stone veneer alternatives, including natural stone veneer. Not intended for load bearing applications, thin stone veneer can be installed in multiple configurations and satisfies a wide range of interior design preferences.


Thin stone veneer has higher compressive strength and increased durability while requiring less maintenance than other leading stone veneer alternatives.


At Creative Mines, our thin stone veneer products are created responsibly by utilizing pre-consumer recycled materials, cutting overall waste and reducing natural stone excavation worldwide.

Commercial and Residential Uses

You’ll often find luxury thin stone veneer attached to exterior walls, fireplaces, interior accent walls, water features and outdoor kitchens. Thin stone veneer is compatible with every design aesthetic—- commercial and residential—- so don’t limit yourself!

Thin Stone Veneer Thickness

Large patio area with raised pool with seating area on the edge and a large home with stone veneer finished siding.
Creative Mines Stone Veneer Inspiration Images

As you might expect, the thickness of thin stone veneer varies, but no matter what product you choose, it will be relatively thin. The thinner the product, the easier it is to ship, the simpler it is to install and the less it costs. That’s why you’ll find most thin stone veneers between ¾ inches and 1 ½ inches in thickness.

How to Maintain Thin Stone Veneer

With our verified and certifiably pure aggregate mix, Creative Mines’ thin stone veneer panels are incredibly durable. Our products offer a compressive strength of 3,800 PSI, 0% disintegration in freeze-thaw scenarios and no color fading.

Unlike other stone veneer products, our thin stone veneer is virtually maintenance-free. But, of course, if something does happen, we’ve got you covered. We take immense pride in our work, which is why we offer a robust 50-year limited warranty for all our craftsman stone veneer products.

How to Install Thin Stone Veneer

This home features thin stone veneer on the exterior of the building. There is a blue sky in the background and green trees in the foreground.

While the installation process of thin stone veneer is very similar in regards to the product type, the installation may vary depending on the location and the surface you’re installing it on. So, here’s a quick installation guide to show you how to install thin stone veneer.

Step 1. Gather Your Materials and Supplies

Every installation guide starts with the basics. To begin, gather your tools, calculate the dimensions of the installation area and order your materials. It is always recommended to work with a qualified mason, however advanced DIY homeowners can tackle a majority of masonry projects.

Step 2. Install Over Proper Substrate

Whether indoors or outdoors, you’ll need to install the proper substrate to achieve a successful thin stone veneer installation. Substrates may include installation over wood framing, CMU concrete masonry unit, continuous rigid insulation, or cement board. It is recommended to review the NCMA Installation Guide, which details options for adhering thin stone veneer in compliance with ASTM C1780.

Step 3. Select the Correct Mortar

It is highly recommended to select the correct polymer modified mortar depending on stone type, required installation performance and building code requirements. Please refer to the NCMA Installation Guide for more information. For all drystack installations, mortar must meet ANSI A118.4 or 118.15 testing requirements.

Step 4. Attach the Thin Stone Veneer

Now it’s time to adhere your thin stone veneer. This process will be straightforward if you use one of Creative Mines’ beautiful products. Apply the correct polymer modified mortar onto the prepared substrate. Whether the installation was tight joint with a ledgestone or panelized system or in need of grout to fill in around the irregular stones, you’ll be enjoying the timeless appeal of stone for decades to come.

Customize Your Home with Beautiful Thin Stone Veneer Panels

Exterior of a house finished with stone veneer low walls and columns with green grass yard and landscaping.
Creative Mines Stone Veneer

Whether you’re creating a stunning interior accent wall or building a state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen, thin stone veneer is the ideal material choice for you. It’s versatile, affordable, durable, luxurious and easy to install, which makes it perfect for professionals and DIYers alike.

At Creative Mines, we specialize in the highest standard veneer products with next-level craftsmanship and environmental sustainability in mind. Check out our collection today or order a sample of thin stone veneer today to get started!