Adding Luxury to Your Fireplace With Limestone Veneer

February 2, 2023
Wildflower Orchard Limestone

Fireplaces are classical focal points that create an atmosphere of warmth to make guests feel comfortable and welcome. Many homeowners strive to create luxury fireplaces in their homes, and there are none more beautiful than limestone veneer fireplaces.

Limestone, which has seen a renaissance in recent years among design professionals, is a durable material that offers a classy, timeless look to any interior and exterior space. Its subtle, yet luxurious, beauty is perfect for modern and traditional design aesthetics. Plus, it has the added benefit of being easy to clean, simple to maintain and fire-resistant, which makes it perfect for fireplaces.

2 Limestone Veneer Fireplace Design Ideas

As the focal point in any living space, Fireplaces are ideal centerpieces for elevating any room into a luxury, modern entertainment space.

Here at Creative Mines, we pride ourselves on crafting high-performing limestone veneer that effortlessly elevates any space. When used in a fireplace design, our limestone veneer immediately captivates attention and delivers a luxurious and elegant aesthetic blending warm tones and chiseled texture.

Of course, when it comes to interior design, you often have to see it to believe it. Here are a couple of limestone veneer fireplace design ideas from our Timeless and Contemporary collections to help inspire your next renovation project!

1. Modern Scandinavian Meets Cozy Décor

Wall of irregularly placed stone veneer.
Creative Mines - Craft Orchard Limestone

This beautiful living room — featuring our Craft Orchard Limestone profile in Wildflower — is the picture-perfect example of pairing a warm and inviting atmosphere with a modern and stylish design.

Everything from the inviting natural tones of the wood flooring to the modern and eclectic furnishings create a room built for lounging. The limestone veneer fireplace adds the perfect touch that brings everything together.

2. Traditional Farmhouse with Touches of Warmth

An accent wall of stone veneer houses a fireplace and looks out on an open room with dark wooden furniture, green potted plants, and a view out beyond the ocean sunset.
Creative Mines - Craft Orchard Limestone

Limestone is often paired with a traditional farmhouse style, proving that two distinct design notes can work together seamlessly to create a cozy, farm-chic decor that any modern homeowner would love to call their own. This home also features many additional elements utilized throughout the space like plants, candles and large windows for lots of sunlight to really tie everything together and elevate the cohesiveness of the space.

Contemporary Limestone Options

We’ve been looking at traditional limestone veneer fireplace design options, but like everything else, design preferences can change over time. Instead of using the classic limestone look, you might prefer a more contemporary style. That’s the versatility of limestone.

Here are some additional contemporary limestone options, one featuring our Craft Flamed Rectangle and the other two from our Craft Marble Kings profile that might be ideal for your home:

1. Brighthorizon from Craft Flamed Rectangle

This living room area features a gray sofa, a leather chair and light hardwood floors. A television is mounted to the wall.
Image provided by Sustainable Nine

Limestone veneer is capable of enhancing any space including this elegant living room design. The hardwood floors, warm lighting and natural colors make this the ideal place for a limestone backsplash.

2. Brighthorizon from Craft Marble Kings

Close-up of symmetrically placed white stone veneer blocks with dark specks.
Creative Mines - Craft Marble Kings

Brighthorizon features a beautiful balance of soft whites and subtle gray undertones. The smooth texture and rounded corners make this design stand out to create a powerful statement. If you use this option, your limestone veneer fireplace will have a cleaner, more contemporary look that pairs well with most modern design aesthetics.

3. Warmvibe from Craft Marble Kings

Close-up of symmetrically placed off-white stone veneer blocks with dark specks.
Creative Mines - Craft Marble Kings

Warmvibe has an aesthetically appealing color scheme that works well with many architectural materials. It’s very similar to the Brighthorizon option, except it showcases a deeper cream color and pairs well with more traditional styles. Ultimately, the style you choose depends on your current limestone veneer fireplace design aesthetic and specific goals for the environment you want to create.

Limestone is Great for Other Accent Walls

While an excellent choice for fireplaces, there are many other applications for limestone veneer that are just as impactful as limestone fireplaces.

Here are a few other modern limestone applications that can redefine your home’s interior design:

1. Cozy Backsplashes

Stone veneer accent wall in bathroom with white clawfoot bathtub and extra large window that looks out over the plains.
Creative Mines - Craft Orchard Limestone

If you haven’t thought about using limestone veneer in your bathroom design, you should definitely check out this awe-inspiring, gorgeous primary bath. Everything from the clawfoot tub and stone tiles to the warm lighting and industrial fixtures makes this the ideal place for a limestone backsplash.

2. Outdoor Design Features

Large outdoor living space with outdoor kitchen with grill and food warmers embedded into wall of stone veneer.
Creative Mines - Craft Orchard Limestone
Expansive modern home featuring extensive glass, wood, concrete and limestone fireplace chimney.
Image provided by Sustainable Nine

Let’s not forget that luxury limestone veneer is incredibly durable and perfect for outdoor and exterior design features. It’s no wonder that many of our clients use limestone to create gorgeous outdoor kitchens and exterior facades. In the designs featured here, we especially love the embedded barbecue pit, two-door oven and gray wood grain awning. The tall limestone chimney and exterior facade further anchors this stunning modern home.

3. Gorgeous Accent Walls

Large master bedroom with accent wall of stone veneer behind a four post bed.
Creative Mines - Craft Orchard Limestone

Let’s discuss limestone veneer accent walls. Whether you’re thinking about creating a beautiful backdrop for your headboard or an accent wall to highlight the entertainment section in your living room, limestone is the perfect material to make your design vision come to life. One look at this breathtaking bedroom is enough to inspire an entire home design.

Get Beautiful Luxury Limestone from Creative Mines

There’s no better way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home than with craftsman limestone veneer fireplaces, and other potential applications for limestone veneer, like bedrooms, bathrooms, accent walls and outdoor kitchens.

No matter how you use it, your home design will flourish with Creative Mines’ craftsman limestone veneer. Order your sample today to see which color and style is right for your home or learn more about fireplace design here.