Make a Classic Look Modern with Brick Veneer Siding

January 19, 2023
Brick Veneer Siding

The exterior is the first thing anyone sees when they arrive at your home. That’s why home developers, real estate professionals, and designers focus so much attention on curb appeal. A first impression is crucial, so it’s in your best interest to make a good one.

That’s why when considering the materials you’re going to use for the exterior of your home, you should take your time, research and choose carefully. There are many exciting siding materials to choose from, but few will have the luxury and aesthetic appeal of brick veneer.

Brick veneer siding combines the classic aesthetic of traditional brick homes with modern sensibilities. It’s the perfect design element for adding a touch of sophistication and luxury to your home without breaking the bank or overwhelming your creative vision. But the advantages of brick veneer siding don’t stop there — keep reading to find out more!

7 Unique Benefits of Brick Veneer Siding

There are many advantages to brick veneer siding. Here are seven reasons you should consider using it in your home.

1. Lightweight

You may assume that brick veneer is a heavy material, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Unlike full size clay bricks, brick veneer siding is lightweight and easy to move. As a result, it’s easier to install and costs less to ship.

2. Low Maintenance

When you use brick veneer siding for your home, you won’t need to purchase special cleaners or solutions to keep it looking brand-new. It’s super easy to clean and maintain, making it an excellent option for homeowners that want a timeless material without the need for excessive maintenance.

3. Modern Craftsmanship

Brick veneer siding is crafted with popular modern trends in mind. When you use brick veneer on your home, you can rest assured that your design aesthetic won’t suffer from outdated materials. Brick has been a popular building material in the United States since the early 1900’s, its warm and inviting aesthetic continues to be a popular choice among architects and designers.

4. Affordability

Unlike other luxury design options, brick veneer siding costs offer an attractive price point. Brick veneer is more budget friendly, and unlike other affordable options, you won’t have to sacrifice quality. When you specify brick veneer vs. full size clay brick you can avoid costly installation requirements, including the need for a brick ledge.

5. Environmentally-Friendly

When selecting brick veneer, consider Creative Mines over clay brick manufacturers. In comparison to clay brick, Creative Mines’ concrete mix design reduces CO2 into the air by 84%. Clay brick requires the brick to be heated in kiln ovens in excess of 2,000 degrees, releasing 7 times the amount of C02 into the air

6. Construction Versatility

Thanks to the ease of installation and its lightweight nature, brick veneer siding can be installed on a variety of substrates. It is recommended to review the NCMA installation guide for adhered veneer for complete details.

7. Design Versatility

Brick veneer siding is also incredibly customizable, coming in a variety of shapes, textures, colors and sizes. It’s an ideal option for interior designers, architects and builders to execute their unique creative vision.

4 Inspiring Ways to Use Brick Veneer Siding

The most effective way to understand how brick veneer can transform the exterior of your home is to see it in action. Here are four inspiring examples of how brick veneer siding can be used to design a gorgeous home exterior.

1. A Twist on the Traditional

Front exterior of two-story, white brick veneer-sided home with columns, balcony and garden entrance.
Creative Mines - Inspiration Page

This is an ideal example of using Creative Mines Paintgrade Loft brick veneer siding to pay homage to traditional styling. This home is covered from head-to-toe in craftsman brick veneer to create a breathtaking curb appeal and a seamless design aesthetic. The unique Creative Mines Paintgrade Brick in Loft texture is specifically designed to receive paint. Each brick comes primed and ready to paint with your choice of color, all with less coats and more wow factor.

2. Creating an Entrance

Courtyard in house with tiled floor and bushes on either side, with brick veneer archway overhead.
Craft® Paintgrade Brick Loft

Brick veneer is incredibly versatile, so feel free to use it any way you like. The designer of this home used Creative Mines Paintgrade Loft brick veneer to create a unique archway to take their guests’ breaths away.

3. Outdoor Entertainment

Backyard with brick veneer outdoor kitchen and bar, topped with pergola sitting on two columns.
Craft® Paintgrade Brick Loft

The Paintgrade Loft brick perfectly complements recreation areas like pools or outdoor entertainment centers. Plus, it creates ideal separation between different regions of the backyard. People in this home can jump out of the pool and sit down to watch their favorite movie, surrounded by style.

4. Making a Statement

Exterior of home with vertical lap siding and a prominent white brick veneer accent wall with a window.
Craft® Paintgrade Brick Loft

If you’re as innovative as this home designer, you might even use Creative Mines Paintgrade brick veneer siding to create a luxurious statement. The transition from the wood paneling to the white brick veneer creates brilliant contrast and pulls your attention effortlessly to this unique home entrance.

2 Types of Brick Veneer Siding

The four above examples use similar Creative Mines Paintgrade Loft brick veneer siding painted white and applied in various ways, but you aren’t limited to that one option. Brick veneer siding is incredibly versatile. Here are two different types of Creative Mines brick veneer siding you can use on your home (plus a bonus type).

1. Craft® Cannery Brick in Ghosted

Wall of brick veneer colored white with touches of red.
Craft® Cannery Brick

The Craft Cannery Brick is a luxury homage to the oversized Engineer brick. Pictured above is the Ghosted style, which refers to the white overlay on the natural hues of red. For traditionalists, it’s also available in Peppered coloring, which replicated more of a traditional, reddish brick.

2. Cloudbreak Craft Warehouse Brick

Wall of white and gray brick veneer.
Craft® Warehouse Brick

The Craft Warehouse Brick is an homage to the masonry and dimensions used in industrial warehouses. It comes in two colors: Cloudbreak (pictured above) and Raincloud, which plays in darker shades of gray.

Painted Brick

As a bonus option, you can also use brick veneer siding that redefines customizability. There’s no need to limit your options, and you won’t have to if you paint the brick yourself. Creative Mines offers a unique line of Paintgrade brick veneer that is specifically designed to paint with your own custom color.

Loft Craft Paintgrade Brick™

Off-white brick veneer wall with black painted bricks to show paintability.
Craft® Paintgrade Brick™

The Craft Paintgrade Brick in Loft texture is a customizable brick veneer that is easy to paint whatever color you like. It comes in two styles (Brewery and Loft), each designed to mimic the style of urban warehouse interiors or lofts.

Customize Your Dream Home with Brick Veneer Siding Today

Whether you’re going for the traditional brick home aesthetic, the modern loft design motif, or something entirely unique, brick veneer siding is the material you want. It’s cost-effective, versatile, low maintenance, and easy to install, making it ideal for DIYers and professional contractors alike.

At Creative Mines, we specialize in the highest standards masonry veneer with expert craftsmanship and modern design trends in mind. In addition, we offer unparalleled durability, no-fade colors and unrivaled warranties, making us the go-to stone manufacturer on the market.

Check out our complete collection or order a sample of brick veneer siding today to see for yourself!