Stunning Stacked Stone Profiles: Modern Exterior Design Ideas

May 18, 2023
Creative mines flint craft chop ledge

Stacked stone veneer is a progressive decorative façade that is crafted to replicate the look and feel of natural stone. Designed with meticulous precision to exude elegance while also offering a rugged appeal for modern home designers, stacked veneer is all about embracing the raw charm of stone while basking in the sophistication of contemporary aesthetics.

Constructed from concrete and other natural materials, stacked stone veneer is lighter and thinner than natural stone while maintaining the same visual appeal and textural richness. This distinction makes stacked stone veneer a winning choice for homeowners and designers worldwide with a wide range of versatile applications.

The Key Advantages of Stacked Stone Veneer

While certainly a benefit, a stacked stone veneer exterior can be used for much more than just an elevated aesthetic. It comes with a host of advantages that make it unique for the home exterior space:

Stacked stone veneer is an incredible option for your home with ample selections. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of the most luxurious stacked stone veneer masonry crafted for your vision.

The Best Stacked Stone Veneer on the Market

Selecting the right stacked stone veneer can make all the difference. At Creative Mines, our artisan experts are dedicated to creating masonry veneer for the highest standard — your own. Our solutions are engineered with superior mix batching and color pigments integrated with up to 70% post-industrial content so they not only look beautiful but they’re eco-friendly as well. With decades of experience in the industry, our experts are motivated to craft spaces with the finest, superiorly engineered stone veneer in order to elevate your design to the next level.

See the Creative Mine’s difference for yourself — here are three breathtaking stacked stone veneer products from our Craft® collection to consider:

1. Craft Chop Ledge Panel

An image of a light gray, chopped stone wall. The pieces of stone are a variety of different sizes.
Creative Mines - Craft Chop Ledge Panel

Our Craft Chop Ledge Panel stone veneer is a classic choice for stacked stone veneer. From Cloudbreak and Muddywaters to Castiron and Seapearl, our chop ledge panel is available in a range of gorgeous colors, making it an ideal choice for any design aesthetic.

2. Craft Split Modular Panel

An image of a dark gray, chopped stone wall. The pieces of stone are a variety of different sizes.
Creative Mines - Modular Stone Walls

For those who appreciate subtlety and elegance, our Craft Split Modular Panel stone veneer is a great option for you. Its striking color range, unique oversized dimensions and pronounced sawtooth textures make it the perfect addition to your home’s exterior.

3. Craft Split Modular

An image of a dark gray and tan stone wall. The wall is made of chopped stone and the pieces of stone are a variety of sizes.
Creative Mines - Natural Modular Stone

Our Craft Split Modular stone veneer, available in 2.5-inch high and 5-inch high stones, is designed for those who don’t shy away from making bold statements. Its vibrant color range, clean-cut edges and dynamic split faces can add a dash of charisma to any home’s exterior.

11 Stacked Stone and Tight Joint Exterior Stone Veneer Siding Design Ideas

Stacked stone veneer and tight joint stone veneer siding can absolutely transform your home’s exterior into a designer’s dream. Need proof? Here are 11 exterior designs to inspire your next project.

1. Modern Architecture

A modern style home made of wood, stone, glass and concrete. There is a line of pine trees in front of the house.
Craft Chop Ledge Panel

In this sleek, modern home, the stacked stone veneer siding adds a touch of rustic charm to create a striking balance between old-world appeal and contemporary minimalism. Featured here, Creative Mines Chop Ledge in Flint sets the tone for this modern entrance.

2. Traditional Décor

A home at a high elevation with a backdrop of the mountainscape. The home has a front yard with a combination of stones and pine trees.
Mixology Page

For a traditional home, a stacked stone veneer siding exterior featuring Creative Mines Peak Ledge can lend a charming, castle-like appeal to elevate your property’s design.

3. Gorgeous Patio

The outdoor patio of a home with stone veneer siding on the fireplace. The patio has two sofas and a coffee table.
Craft Split Modular

On an outdoor patio, comfortable seating and a fireplace made of stacked stone veneer siding create an inviting setting perfect for hosting unforgettable gatherings and quiet nights beneath the stars.

4. Highlighting Unique Structures

The view of the back of a modern home. The home incorporates multiple stone veneer columns and large windows.
Mixology Page

Covered outdoor areas with columns featuring stacked stone veneer siding make for an eye-catching visual statement that will enhance the appeal of your architectural features and make your patio area more detailed and unique.

5. Creating Contrast

A farmhouse-style home with a stone accent wall. The home is white with black and brown accents.
Mixology Page

This beautiful home features stacked stone veneer siding on a small exterior section to create an alluring contrast with the white siding that covers the rest of the home’s exterior. Even in smaller footprints, stacked veneer can add major curb appeal.

6. Entrance Curb Appeal

Columns of stacked stone compliment the spacious, modern driveway near a lake.
Craft Split Modular

Stacked stone veneer siding is also great when designing a grand porte cochere entrance. It has a super commanding presence that defines the boundaries of your property while also ensuring overall privacy.

7. Pool Areas

This outdoor area features a swimming pool and plants surrounding the pool’s perimeter. There is a sliding door that offers easy access from the indoor living room to the outdoor space.
Craft Split Modular

When an outdoor pool area is paired with a home’s stacked stone veneer siding, it creates a resort-like atmosphere that transforms the space into a serene oasis.

8. Mixing Textures

A tan home with stone veneer siding and white trim.
Craft Peak Ledge

In a modern home, stacked stone veneer siding can break the monotony of gray-paneled siding by adding texture and depth to the home’s exterior.

9. Creating Statements

A modern home with light gray stone veneer siding and a unique wooden front door. The home has a metal gate with large trees on either side of the gate.
Craft Split Modular

A modern home covered in off-white stacked stone veneer siding is absolutely gorgeous and exudes a distinct charm that sets the property apart.

10. Mixing Stones

A modern home with accents of white stacked stone veneer siding. The home also incorporates large panel windows and doors.
Craft Split Modular

Incorporating white stacked stone veneer siding alongside other solid stone veneer siding yields a harmonious blend of beautiful masonry for a modern, chic aesthetic.

11. Embracing the Stone

A farmhouse-style home with stone veneer siding accents. The home is white with black accents.
Craft Split Modular

This beautiful home shows what you can achieve with sections of multi-hued stacked stone veneer siding alongside white exterior siding. The result is a vibrant and dynamic modern home.

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