The Definitive Guide to Modern Stone Veneer

November 1, 2022
Modern Stone Veneer: The Definitive Guide

Manufactured stone veneer, is an engineered material that’s been crafted to replicate the look and feel of natural stone but with a variety of engineered and design benefits. Much like its natural counterpart, it comes in an array of sizes, shapes and color gradations to offer various design options ranging from traditional to contemporary applications.

As a decorative facing material, you can use stone veneer for exterior siding, outdoor living spaces and indoor applications like accent walls or other aesthetic projects like fireplaces, feature walls and more. As a non-load bearing substrate, the options are virtually limitless.

There are many benefits to choosing manufactured stone veneer for your home or business, and with so many striking options, settling on the right option can pose a challenge. This guide touches on the top benefits of manufactured stone veneer and shares 16 visually-striking examples of stone veneer to inspire your next project.

The Top Seven Benefits of Stone Veneer

From lower costs to environmental benefits, there are several reasons to consider manufactured stone veneer for your next project. Here are the top seven advantages of this versatile and beautiful material:

1. Lower Cost

Perhaps the most significant benefit of manufactured stone veneer is the lower cost. It’s substantially more cost-effective to use stone veneer over the natural stone alternative. Unlike natural stone, manufactured stone has been engineered to reduce waste and cover more square footage.

2. Lightweight

Manufactured stone veneer is also lightweight and easy to maneuver, making installation much more straightforward and less painstaking. It’s also less expensive to ship than the heavier natural stone—saving costs on transportation. With expertly packaged pallets like the ones from Creative Mines, there’s less waste as well.

3. Construction Versatility

Due to its light weight and ability to be installed on a variety of approved substrates — stone veneer has incredible construction versatility.

4. Low Maintenance

Stone veneer doesn’t require any special cleaners or complicated maintenance. It’s easy to clean, maintain and restore, making it a terrific option for property owners who want beauty without all of the maintenance hassles. Creative Mines offers a 50-year limited warranty on all veneer products for added peace of mind.

5. Crafted with Today’s Trends In Mind

Stone veneer with its natural characteristics, shapes and authentic colors creates design appeal that is both on trend and timeless to ensure your property is on-trend and aesthetically pleasing.

6. Design Versatility

Whether you’re looking to redesign your property’s exterior or add an accent wall to your interior, stone veneer is an excellent option. Plus, with an array of color, size and shape choices, you can find a stone veneer to fit virtually any design aesthetic. As a timeless cladding option, veneer pairs well with complimentary materials for exterior styles- offering additional versatility.

7. Better For the Environment

Because manufactured stone veneer utilizes natural materials, including post industrial content, it’s a better option for the environment. Natural stone requires extensive mining and excess waste. In addition, Creative Mines is the only stone veneer manufacturer who uses 100% natural pozzolan in its mix design, offering superior benefits for longevity and performance. The same material makeup the Romans used on buildings that have stood the test of time.

Embrace Contemporary Aesthetics with Stone Veneer

Here at Creative Mines, we are a high-quality manufacturer of stone veneer manufactured for the highest standard — your own. We realize our products need to be as unique as the customers choosing us with an attention to detail that guarantees unrivaled performance.

With years of experience, a track record of innovation and an emphasis on customer service, we offer a wide range of stone veneer in various stunning colors, shapes and sizes.

Let’s look at 16 gorgeous examples of our stone veneer so you can get ideas of just how much variety is available for your project.

First, let’s take a look at ten options for contemporary designs from our Contemporary Collection. Curious how these look on a home? Head over to our inspiration gallery and see for yourself!

1. Craft Chop Ledge Panel

A stone veneer wall utilizing Craft Chop Ledge Panels in the shade Cloudbreak. The panels vary in size and shape, adding dimension.
Creative Mines - Craft Chop Ledge

Hand cut stones with varying heights have been pre-assembled into a panelized system for easier installation. Our Craft Chop Ledge Panel option is whimsical, modern and visually striking. With its delicate color and texture layering, this option successfully marries contemporary sensibilities with an inviting undertone. It comes in seven beautiful colors to match any motif. Those colors are Cloudbreak (featured above), Castiron, Shadowplay, Muddy Waters, Lighthouse, Flint and Seapearl.

2. Craft Carved Rectangle

A close-up of beige, textured, rectangular-shaped stone veneer mimicking the look of natural stone in the shade Sand Dollar.
Creative Mines - Products

With a hand-hewn texture and pronounced grooved lines, our Craft Carved Rectangle is a rectangle-shaped stone veneer that looks hand-crafted by a master stone mason. Its sandy hue with hints of ivory and taupe makes this modern masonry a match for an array of aesthetics. If the sand color doesn’t fit your motif, no worries. The Craft Carved Rectangle comes in four colors: Sand Dollar (shown above), Bright Horizon, Knapsack and Biscuit.

3. Craft Chiseled Rectangle

A close-up of textured, rectangular-shaped stone veneer mimicking the look of natural stone in the shade Biscuit.
Creative Mines - Craft Chiseled Rectangle

With a deeply pitted and randomly patterned surface, our Craft Chiseled Rectangle features a square-edged rectangle with plenty of character and charm. Mixed with its toasty-tan color, this stone veneer is a terrific option for contemporary home designs. This charming option is available in three gorgeous shades: Biscuit (shown above), Sandollar and Knapsack.

4. Craft Flamed Rectangle

A wall with large, square-edged rectangular stone veneer with a soft texture in the shade Bright Horizon.
Creative Mines - Craft Flamed Rectangle

With a balanced color palette and subtle texturing, our Craft Flamed Rectangle stone veneer offers a more subdued option for your next design. It also comes in three various shades of white: Brighthorizon (pictured above), Bisque and Mist.

5. Craft Marble Kings

A white stone veneer wall in the shade Brighthorizon mimicking the look of marble.
Creative Mines - Craft Marble Kings

Oversized and rectangular-shaped, our Craft Marble Kings limestone and travertine option is sure to make a statement. The Bright Horizon color and smooth surface give this contemporary option an elegant finish. If you want an option that’s a little less white, opt for the warm vibe shade instead.

6. Craft Split Modular

A pre-assembled stone veneer wall in the shade Grey Pearl with pronounced sawtooth texture and stones in varying shapes and sizes.
Creative Mines - Craft Split Modular

With clean-cut edges, split faces and periodic pronounced sawtooth texture, our Craft Split Modular stone veneer is a modular stone with clean-cut edges that is sure to make an impact. If character is what you’re after, this modular, multi-color stone veneer is an excellent option for you. It also comes in twelve different shades to complement any aesthetic.

7. Craft Split Modular Panel

A pre-assembled stone veneer wall in the shade Shadowplay with pronounced sawtooth texture and stones in varying shapes and sizes.
Creative Mines - Craft Split Modular Panel

Rather than assembling piece-by-piece, our Craft Split Modular Panel option comes pre-assembled into oversized long panels. So, aside from a greyer tone than the Craft Split Modular, this option makes installation a bit easier. It also comes in four different shades: Shadowplay, Cloudbreak, Seapearl and Cast Iron.

8. Craft Urban Kings

A stone veneer wall with oversized, rectangular-shaped contemporary stone with a split-faced surface in the shade Winterfall.
Creative Mines - Craft Urban Kings

The Craft Urban King is an oversized stone veneer option that offers a rectangle shape and split-face texture surface. It mixes light, cool and ash gray to create an intricate and realistic rendering that is perfect for a variety of designs. If you aren’t a fan of the gray hues of the Winterfell color there’s also a second color option, Sand Dollar.

9. Craft Urban Rectangle

A creamy-colored stone veneer wall with split-face texture and rectangular shape.
Creative Mines - Craft ® Urban Rectangle

Similar to the Craft Urban Kings, our Craft Urban Rectangle option is rectangular-shaped and offers a split-face texture surface. It’s also a bit smaller in size, but it comes in the same two color options as the Craft Urban Kings.

10. Craft Urban Strip

A stone veneer wall with uniformly ledge-shaped, rectangular stone with a split-faced surface in the shade Morning Light.
Creative Mines - Craft Urban Strip

These uniformly shaped, rectangular stones have become incredibly popular in recent years. The four creamy and inviting color palette options, mixed with its symmetricity, make our Craft Urban Strip option a terrific choice for modern home design.

Capture a Timeless Look with Stone Veneer

If contemporary isn’t your cup of tea, there are several more timeless and classic options from our Craft collection, too. Here are six options:

11. Craft Orchard Limestone

A light gray stone veneer wall mimicking limestone with uneven edges and varied rectangular shapes, shown in the color Cloudbreak.
Creative Mines - Craft Orchard Limestone

With uneven edges and irregular rectangular shapes, our Craft Orchard Limestone doesn’t feel stuffy or formal. Instead, it manages to combine a contemporary and inviting aesthetic with traditional sensibilities to create an incredibly versatile option. It also comes in 11 dazzling colors to accentuate any design.

12. Craft Farmhouse Ledge

An earthy-colored stone veneer wall mimicking rustic, informal ledge stone in diverse shapes and sizes with weathered, lightly textured faces. Shown here in Greentea.
Creative Mines - Craft Farmhouse Ledge

The Craft Farmhouse Ledge is a rustic option that’s perfect for the farmhouse aesthetic. The informal ledge and diverse shapes and sizes mixed with the weathered and lightly-textured faces bring this option to life. You’d be hard-pressed to tell these aren’t actual stones. With nine stunning color options, this stone veneer can blend into any rustic design.

13. Craft Foothill Rubble

A gray and tan stone veneer wall mimicking rustic stones in varying shapes, sizes, and textures. Shown here in Coyote color palette.
Creative Mines - Craft Foothill Rubble

Our Craft Foothill Rubble is a rustic option that offers a lot of variety in shape, texture, scale and color to create the feeling of a genuine rockface exterior. It comes in nine different colors and beckons a historical and traditional aesthetic, making it an outstanding option for conventional home designs.

14. Craft Peak Ledge

A stone veneer wall utilizing Craft Peak Ledge with rectilinear shapes and varying textures to create shadowplay, featured here in Greypearl.
Creative Mines - Craft Peak Ledge

Hello, shadow play! Available in 10 different colors, the Craft Peak Ledge offers textured faces, straight edges, rectangle shapes and varying profiles to create a gorgeous, traditional finish with plenty of shadows and depth. This option is sure to make an impact with all its character and charm.

15. Craft Trail Ledge

A stone veneer wall in various shades of gray mimicking stones with rugged coarse faces that cast shadows across the wall, featured here in Fogbank.
Creative Mines - Craft Trail Ledge

With coarse faces and straight edges, this stone veneer facing on the Craft Trail Ledge profile is brimming with shadows and character. With cool gray mid tones and gray-brown undertones, this stone veneer effortlessly succeeds in replicating natural stone. If this shade doesn’t fit your motif, it’s available in nine different colors — ranging from cool grays to deep browns.

16. Craft® Broken Rubble

A stone veneer wall mimicking Irregular rubble stone with angular shapes and planer faces in the shade Timberwolf.
Creative Mines - Craft ® Broken Rubble

Our Craft Broken Rubble offers an irregular rubble stone with planer faces and angular shapes are evenly blended with a warm palette of light tan, smoky gray, ecru and sepia brown. Thanks to its appearance, it immediately evokes a historical and traditional vibe. In addition to the Timberwolf shade featured above, this stone veneer also comes in Brown Sugar for a darker stone appearance.

Get Started With High-Quality Stone Veneer

Manufactured stone veneer is a visually appealing alternative to natural stone. With so many design choices, you’re sure to find an option that fits your aesthetic. However, all stone veneer manufacturers are not created equally, so you’ll need to find a quality manufacturer to reap all the benefits.

At Creative Mines, we’re experts at crafting high-quality stone veneer in various styles. Our no-fade color design, incomparable compressive strength and unique process make us the high-quality option you can trust.

You don’t just have to take our word for it. We offer a 50-year-warranty on our products to give you total peace of mind. Order your sample today!